Who We Are


In the spring of 2009 The Pima County JTED began a curriculum writing project that would follow a common design and be of consistent high quality. For two years teachers wrote hundreds of lesson for what became known as the Wiki. Due to the success of the project several districts entered into IGA’s with Pima County JTED for access to the Wiki lesson plans and professional development. This was known as the Joint Venture Curriculum Project. As CTE leaders around the state started inquiring about accessing these lessons, the need for a consortium became evident. Representatives from interested districts began meeting in the fall of 2011 to discuss the potential of developing a curriculum consortium. Thus was born the Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium.

The Consortium includes career and technical education leaders from the state who shared a vision to expand a curriculum project that originated out of Pima JTED in 2009.  The statewide effort currently serves 92% of Arizona’s school districts and their thousands of teachers by providing best practices professional development as well as curriculum written by teachers for teachers that aligns to Arizona State Technical Standards.

The Steering Committee consists of six elected voting members, one voting fiscal agent representative, one ex-officio AZ CTE Curriculum Consortium Director and 1 ex-officio Arizona Department of Education CTE representative. Members are elected at large by the designees of the AZ CTE Curriculum Consortium. A tiered voting structure is in place based on the 40th day duplicated count of students. Complete details can be found in the AZ CTE Curriculum Consortium  bylaws.


“As a teacher who was involved with the curriculum project from the start, it was invaluable in my development for new strategies and ideas in my classroom. Now, as an administrator, it is an invaluable tool in helping new teachers and providing more experienced teachers with resources. Showing a new teacher a whole lesson with proven strategies that walks them through the lesson step by step eases their anxiety and gives me a great resource to use an example for instruction.” – K. Koppy