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    What is everyone planning to do for Education Professions distant learning?  Our building principal would like our lessons to be a review material only and only be at max 10 minutes long per day.  I would like some ideas on what you guys are planning to do or wanting to do with your classes.

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    Alexis Hastert


    I made a choice board for my students with different reviews of things we have done or reflection pieces. I then told students to pick 65 points total (there are like 120 possible) and complete those assignments. Really one per day that should take 10-20 minutes tops. Some do take longer so those would have a higher point value. We are not giving grades yet but it does provide students with opportunities to enhance learning and students have freedom to pick longer or shorter lessons. For the most part I put some type of video, article, or question up for the students then have them reflect. I tried to use a lot of different sources for learning. For example, I used a lot of ted talks about education and roles of teachers to try to draw on that knowledge. I’m really focused on reflections and allowing them to express themselves.

    Another thing I prepared was a discussion board with a topic of something we have already covered and will ask them to give examples of how they are using it. For example, engaging students, I have a lot of kids babysitting for their families so I will have them post on the board what strategies they have used to keep those children engaged. If a student isn’t engaging with a kid then I just will have them reply with a suggestion for a student who is. Or I might have them describe some type of activity and just make sure it has the simple steps of a lesson plan.

    I also have my students write letters to future students with advice on how to be successful in my class and in Educators Rising. Again, my goal is to let them reflect on their experiences but draw on information we have learned.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you would like any of the materials or have any other ideas or questions. I would love to hear some other suggestions of what we could do.

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