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Curriculum by Teachers for Teachers

Whether you are a new teacher or a master teacher our lessons are here to help.  We offer high school lessons directly aligned to technical standards.  In every lessons Power Points and activities are included.  Each program area has a scope and sequence, lessons and assessment questions will help teachers engage students and provide a solid instructional format.

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The Consortium

The Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium strives to be the premier educational model for professional development, CTE curriculum, and academic and industry integration. We empower teachers to prepare students for career success by providing relevant engaging web based lessons. The ability for teachers to collaborate and develop through high quality professional development leads to teacher satisfaction and retention.


The Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium is a web-based curriculum with universal access that requires membership. Teachers can easily navigate through the system to utilize what best suits them. The lessons and resources provided on the wiki are developed in Microsoft Office which enables the user to modify all documents to fit their personal preference.

Teacher Success

The Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium empowers teachers to prepare students for college and career success by providing well designed, relevant, and engaging lessons aligned to current state standards. Universal access to blueprints and high quality instructional materials with clear objectives will enable teachers to feel confident in their instruction thus leading to higher retention rate amongst teachers.

Empowering Teachers Today to Prepare Students for Tomorrow