Our Curriculum

The Curriculum Connection is committed to tying all facets of learning together. Curriculum Components are housed in our digital library, CTE Curriculum Connection. Teachers are encouraged to combine resources from our Collections, Teacher Submitted, and Open Educational Resources (OER) to enhance your digital library experience.

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Our curriculum teams composed of seasoned professionals develop our collections and resources. For a sample lesson, please Contact Us.

Blueprint and Frameworks
Blueprint and Supplemental Materials are designed to guide both instruction and assessment.

Scope and Sequence & Task Analysis
These resources provide pacing and guidance on what to teach and when to teach aligned with each program’s standards and Carnegie units.

Elements of Essential Instruction
Our lessons are aligned with standards and include embedded active participation strategies, strong introductions, clear and appropriate objective(s), a variety of ways to meet the objective(s), and closures.

Sample assessment bank questions and answer keys enable teachers to design formative and summative assessments to evaluate and improve their student’s achievements.

Academic Integration

College and Career Ready Standards are integrated into lessons where appropriate in our Curriculum Collections. In addition, Open Education Resources (OER) in the academic areas of ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies have been selected for you to enhance your digital library on our OER Commons page.

Professional Skills

Professional Skills are intertwined in lessons to prepare students for future employment. Communication, collaboration and professionalism are just a few areas we focus on in our lessons.

Peer Collaboration

Connect with your fellow CTE teachers by program, school, or district through our Hubs and Groups feature. Share ideas, collaborate, and create curriculum resources in small or large groups as this feature helps you to enhance your digital library resources.

Career Literacy

We are honored to partner with the Center for the Future of Arizona to bring you Career Literacy resources. Learn more here.